Honorably discharged veterans can shop online at any military Exchange

Did you know that as a United States Armed Forces veteran you qualify for the Veterans Online Shopping Benefit?

The VOSB is available to veterans who were honorably discharged by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). This benefit enables veterans and their qualified family members to shop online at any military exchange, giving them instant access to tax-free shopping and exclusive military offers.

In order to use the VOSB, the veteran must first get verified for proof of eligibility. The process is free and can be done online by filling out a form at The verification process is done the same day, but in some cases requiring further documentation it may take up to three business days.

Examples of acceptable documents include DD214 (Member Copies 2-8), DD215, NGB-22 or DD256/257. Veterans who do not have a copy of their discharge records can contact the National Archives to request them.

The VOSB program is approaching its first anniversary! so it is up to us to spread the word and share the love with other veterans who may benefit from shopping online at the exchange.

For more information about getting verified for the VOSB, call 1-844-868-8672.
Story by Ena Sellers, Carolina Volunteers & Veterans managing editor.


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